3 Factors to Further Engage Any Employee

by Dec 8, 2016Employee Engagement Training

Regardless of how happy employees are on the job, there are steps beyond employee engagement training that any employer can take to engage them further.

Work is defined as an effort exerted to do or make something. It is a task, labor or obligation and, depending on how much it fits what you like or want to do, you can love it or hate it. Thankfully, most people don’t “hate” their work. Most of us manage to generally like it or, at times, even love it. There can be for a privileged few a perfect congruence between what they like to do and what they do to earn a living. They feel they are learning and contributing meaningfully to help others. You could say they are perfectly engaged employees.

But what can an employer do to encourage deeper employee engagement among those who generally “like” what they do? Here are three factors that can help employees be more engaged and satisfied with their jobs…so that they are committed to putting forth the discretionary effort that supports and helps meet the organization’s overall goals:

    1. Provide training and development opportunities
      No one wants to feel they are stuck in a rut. Learning new stuff and stretching to meet new challenges keep employees stimulated and motivated. They understand that their employer values them enough to keep investing in their growth. It gives employees a sense of their worth and a path to exciting new career options.


    1. Include employees in future planning
      If you really want to build bridges between employer and employees, involve them in crafting future plans and in making meaningful business decisions. Open communication and knowledge sharing are basic to building employee trust and loyalty. In fact, information flow and transparency ranked as the fourth most important ingredient that differentiated high from low performing organizations. It’s when doors are closed and questions left unanswered that suspicion and discontent grow.


    1. Show that you care
      Soliciting employee thoughts and ideas is one way to show you care. Investing in their career development is another. Even more powerful is the bond that can tie good managers to their teams. The best managers know the people on their team as individuals. They know what motivates and excites them. They are always available to support and encourage them. And they know how to show their appreciation in ways that are meaningful to their team members.


These three steps will go a long way to coax the “I love my job” comment out of more and more of your employees. Just give it a try!

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