Engaged Employees Love to Talk About Their Work

by Apr 4, 2017Employee Engagement Training

Only two categories of employees are ready and eager to talk about their work—those who are fully, happily engaged and those who are completely, miserably disengaged.

Make sure your employees are in high employee engagement category.  You want engaged employees who are advocates, spread the good word about your company and reflect their love of their job in their interactions with both internal and external customers.

How can you get your organizational culture to a place where employees look forward to coming to work, doing their part, supporting their team and contributing to the vision of the organization?

  • Show that you care
    Get to know your team members on an individual basis…their interests, their strengths, and their motivators. Find out what they like to do, where they think they can be most effective, and how they would like to grow. Give them as much leeway as you can in how you define their job and in how you set expectations for performance.
  • Be accessible
    Managers who truly value open communication are available to their employees beyond the established team meetings. Check in regularly with your team members so you are aware of issues and problems as they arise, can collaborate on solutions, and are in a position to recognize desired behavior when it occurs. Show that you value your people by spending time “on the floor” with them and pitch in as needed.
  • Design a future path
    Work together to create a career path that includes new challenges and plenty of development opportunities. Make sure they have the resources they need to do their job well. Share what you know so they are fully informed of what’s really going on in the business. The better they understand that what they do has an impact on the bottom line, the more clearly they sense their own value and are ready to commit to continuing to grow and helping the business fulfill its potential.

It is in each employee’s best interest and in the interest of the organization as a whole to engage employees so that they are committed to doing their best, know that they are valued and that they have a bright future with a company they love.

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