Fact or Fiction – Do You Have an Authentic Employee Value Proposition?
When you want to attract top talent – much less engage and retain them – you must be able to tell (and live) a compelling story that sets you apart from the pack and appeals to the kind of talent that you want and need.  We call this story your employee value proposition.

You want to portray your organization as one of the best places to work not only to entice prospective workers but also to reinforce the engagement and loyalty of current workers.  But your employee value proposition needs to be fact not fiction; otherwise, the “truth will out” and you’ll lose both your credibility and your hard won employees.

Why Your Employee Value Proposition Matters
Maintaining a desirable and healthy work environment has research-backed positive impacts on your bottom line.  Higher organizational health and employee engagement correlates directly to:

  • 18% greater productivity
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 51% less voluntary turnover

What Savvy Employees Want
From our employee engagement surveys with nearly 5,000 organizations each year, we have learned the five significant drivers of engagement.  Belief that:

  1. Your job allows you to utilize your strengths
  2. The senior leadership team has the capability and drive to lead the company to future success
  3. The organization will be successful in the future
  4. The leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource
  5. You will be recognized if you contribute to the organization’s success

What Matters in Your Organization?
What really matters is what would make your specific company a great place to work for the type of talent you need to execute your strategy and thrive in your organizational culture. To tell a truthful and compelling story that will attract top talent, figure out what your employees appreciate and value most about your workplace. 

Beyond a belief in the organization’s future success, your employee value proposition should clearly differentiate your company in the war for talent in the eyes of your target employees.  Is it how you treat customers?  How you treat each other?  Opportunities for learning and advancement?  Diversity and inclusion?  The commitment to producing top quality work?  Your mission? 

Improve Your Story
If your employee value proposition story is lacking, there’s work to do.  Examine and evaluate the factors that could strengthen your narrative.  Here are a few:

  • Vision – what you aspire to become
  • Mission – your fundamental purpose
  • Values – your beliefs, what matters, and how you make decisions
  • Culture – how and why things truly get done
  • Flexibility – how you empower employees to self-manage
  • Development – what opportunities there are for personal and professional growth
  • Compensation – what you offer in dollars and benefits
  • Diversity – how you commit to fair treatment of all
  • Work-Life Balance – how you support the well-being of your employees
  • Environment – how you have designed the workplace to encourage good work and strong connections
  • Extras – what perks you offer that can add to the picture you paint of your workplace

The Bottom Line
Articulating what you have to offer as an organization requires more than just wordsmithing.  You need an authentic employee value proposition.  Figure out the real employee engagement and attraction situation, make needed improvements, and then tell the story in a compelling, truthful, and persuasive way.  

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