How to Make Employee Engagement Personal

by Jan 17, 2019Employee Engagement Training

Make Employee Engagement Personal When Employee Engagement Is the Goal
Make employee engagement personal when employee engagement is the goal. Savvy business leaders understand how employee engagement impacts productivity and overall business success.  It only stands to reason – when employees are fully engaged, they work harder, are more inclined to take on new challenges, and are more likely to collaborate effectively with colleagues.  In fact, studies show that engaged workers are over 40% more productive and effective than their unengaged counterparts.

Why Is Employee Engagement So Elusive?
Employee engagement is apparently difficult for many businesses to achieve.  A whopping 70% of the workforce is at best complacent and at worst actively disengaged.  We know why.

Organizations address engagement too impersonally.  They mistakenly think that their company’s mission statement is meaningful enough, that their corporate values create behavioral norms, that their vision for organizational success is motivational to everyone, or that their talent management strategy sets employees up for success.

Make Employee Engagement Personal
The better you can address employees’ concerns on a personal level, the more they will respond in a positive way to their job.  Here are a few tips on how and why to reach them personally:

  • Connect Workers and Customers
    Whatever your product or service, whatever the role each employee plays in providing that product or service, they will be far more engaged if they can see first-hand just how it benefits their customers. Whether you give kitchen workers an opportunity to actually see the customers who order and enjoy the food they prepare or send sales people into the field to witness the time saved by happy customers using new technology, put your workers and customers together.Firsthand interactions between employees and end users give employees a clear understanding of the impact of their work. Your employees will be re-energized with a reminder of how what they do matters to their customers.
  • Recognize Good Work
    A general “good job” is far less effective in driving employee engagement than a personal recognition that is timely and specific. Show that you value the outstanding work by acknowledging it in a meaningful way. However you choose to notice and reward good work, make it personal and proportionate.
  • Link Individual Work to Organizational Purpose
    We know that people are more motivated when they consider why they are doing something rather than what they are doing. To encourage greater employee engagement you need to link an employee’s daily tasks to the overall purpose of the organization.  Testing a car’s ignition system could be in and of itself a boring task – that’s the “what.”  But then consider the “why.”  The task not only ensures the safety of the driver and passengers but it also contributes to a customer’s feeling of security and pleasure in a smoothly running, reliable automobile.Employees are far more engaged when they believe in the grander reasons behind what they do.

The Bottom Line
Employee engagement matters.  Be creative in finding ways to interact personally with your workers.  After all, they are the ones who can make the difference between just getting along and actually crushing the competition.

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