The Surprising Benefits of Giving Positive Workplace Feedback

by Jun 30, 2018Employee Engagement Training

Benefits of Giving Positive Workplace Feedback
We all know how good it feels to receive positive feedback – that little bit of praise or appreciation for a job well done – but do you know the surprising benefits of giving positive workplace feedback?  Positive feedback at work has significant benefits for the giver as well as for the receiver.

The Current Focus on Gratitude
Much attention has been focused lately on gratitude and how, if it becomes a way of life, your life can become more meaningful.  In fact, it is said that “a five-minute a day gratitude journal can increase your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent.” Gratitude is one of the manifestations of so-called “positive psychology.”  Giving positive feedback is another.

The Theory
Positive psychology can be defined as the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” The theory is that positive psychology or a focus on positive rather than negative emotions – strengths rather than weaknesses – can promote better health and a longer and better quality of life.

Application in the Workplace
It’s relatively simple to translate this positive way of looking at the world from one’s personal to professional life.  It can mean something as basic as expressing thanks for a colleague’s help with a project to something as involved as inspiring greatness in others through your encouragement and positive coaching.

The Results
We know the results for the receiver of sincere appreciation.  But it’s surprising to learn of the results for the giver.  Here are just a few:

  • Better Attitude
    As you seek the good over the bad, you will experience a far more positive general outlook.  Try it.  You’ll find you use less negative words and a more optimistic mindset takes over.
  • Deeper Relationships
    By acknowledging the good work of others and making sure they know it, you establish the kind of rapport that can grow into trust. The best working teams are founded on trust and a collaborative environment.
  • Increased Effectiveness
    Your focus on how to do a job well on your part and on the part of others gives you a leg up on doing your job even better. A recent study by OC Tanner found that employees who recognize the effectiveness of others experience an increase in work results of over 20%.
  • Increased Engagement
    Appreciation, gratitude and positive feedback involve the heart and soul. Employees who are approach their work with their positive emotions as well as their intellect are more engaged.  They are happier at work and more likely to stay.
  • Greater Productivity
    Your positive feedback has a ripple effect. Others observe the kind of work you admire. They are inspired to deliver the same kind of effort and results.  Overall the work of the team improves.

The Bottom Line
Give authentic, meaningful and proportionate recognition wherever and whenever it’s earned.  You will like the benefits of giving positive workplace feedback.

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