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Employee Engagement Training

Research & Published Insights

LSA Global’s annual employee engagement research tells us what matters most in terms of improving engagement, retention and performance.

With some companies reporting 50% of employees as complacent or actively disengaged, there is serious work to be done.

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Action-Oriented Employee Engagement Surveys

Winning organizations measure employee engagement by getting direct and actionable feedback about the level of employee advocacy, discretionary effort and intent to stay.

Completed by over 500,000 employees each year, our Best Places to Work Employee Engagement survey provides a clear picture of your organization’s strengths and opportunities for developing better employee retention, engagement, performance and commitment.

Unlike most employee engagement surveys, it also provides enough detail to take meaningful action without having to conduct additional focus groups and research.

Learn More About Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices

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10 Most Powerful Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

How Leaders Engage Key Employees

Employee engagement starts at the top.

Leaders are ultimately responsible for creating an environment that brings out the best in their people. Inspiring people to put forth their best effort is, perhaps, a leader’s most vexing, and yet most rewarding, challenge. The good news is that employee engagement can be measured and improved. And if leaders take the right actions to improve employee engagement, business performance can improve dramatically.

Leading for Employee Engagement

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The Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Management

Employee Engagement Research Report

For decades, experts have believed managers have an enormous influence on employee engagement and retention.

While most of us would intuitively come to these conclusions, this employee engagement research report offers compelling data and insights based upon surveying over half a million employees across more than 5,000 organizations every year.

Management's True Role in Employee Engagement

Engagement Health Check

How do your managers stack up to Management Best Practices that drive performance, engagement, retention and profitability

Benchmark Your Employee Engagement

Engagement Toolkit

10 important engagement tips, tools and research to motivate and retain your most talented and important employees. 

Engagement and Retention Toolkit

Management Assessment

Behchmark if your managers have the best practice skills, knowledge, and tools to drive performance, engagement and retention.

Benchmark Your Management

Onboarding Health Check

Is your speed to productivity for new hires where it should be? Benchmark if your new hire orientation is where it should be.

New Employee Onboarding Assessment

Interviewing Health Check

Are you selecting top talent that fits? Benchmark your behavioral interviewing practices to see how you stack up.

Behavioral Interviewing Assessment

Performance Health Check

Is your performance management process firing on all cylinders?  Benchmark how you stack up against leading organizations.

Performance Management Assessment


The Bottom Line

Highly engaged employees are more than satisfied, more than committed; they are emotionally connected, go out of their way to over-achieve, actively promote your business, and stay with you during good and bad times.

Most of today’s people-oriented leaders want to create higher employee engagement because it makes for a better corporate culture. Most of today’s performance-oriented leaders now realize that employee engagement correlates directly to increased profits and productivity. Few agree however on the tactics to make it happen or on how important engagement is compared to other strategic priorities.

According to Gallup, leaders should be concerned and push engagement higher up the strategic priorities list. Their latest data shows that only 30% of employees are engaged with a whopping 70% Disengaged (52%) and Actively Disengaged (18%). We know that disengaged workers are emotionally disconnected from their organizations and are less committed and motivated than their engaged peers.

They estimate that these actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity, theft and sickness. Add the costs of bad customer interactions and the negative impact on workplace morale and culture and the leadership implications are staggering.

Our own employee engagement training research shows that higher engagement equates to 12% higher profit, 19% higher operating income, 18% greater productivity and 12% higher customer satisfaction. When you take into account the impact on retention, absenteeism, and earnings per share, the negative business impact of disengaged employees only grows.

The bottom line, investing in employee engagement training to ensure that your managers are creating the environmental circumstances for a highly-engaged workforce makes good people and financial sense.

To gauge your success on any employee engagement training initiative, always strive to measure and move at least one of the following key metrics:

    • Sales revenue, margin, win rate, portfolio mix, deal size, and sales cycle.
    • Customer acquisition, loyalty, growth, and satisfaction.
    • Leadership execution effectiveness of key corporate strategies.
    • Employee attraction, development, performance, engagement and retention.
    • Project cost, quality, and time.
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