The Need for Management Training
Earning the title of manager in no way guarantees you will be a good one – not all managers can engage their teams but you should strive to be one who can fully engage their team.  Every new manager needs training in leadership skills. If they have never been in charge of inspiring others, setting clear expectations, and leading by example, how can anyone expect them to manage well?  

Just because you excelled as an individual contributor does not mean you will automatically excel as a people manager.

The Role of People Manager
That said, once you step into the role as a new people manager (hopefully with quality, proven new manager training behind you), remember who you serve. Too many new managers are more concerned with how the “higher-ups” perceive their performance than with how their followers experience them. You will never succeed as a people leader if you only care about impressing your boss. The true way to succeed is through the personal and professional achievements of your team.

You Are Always on Stage
Your team will be watching you very closely at first to gauge you as a leader. Can you be trusted as a new manager? Are you able to get the job done? Can you provide the needed resources and support for your team to achieve their goals in a way that makes sense?

Wear the Manager Mantle Well
Shed your nervousness and trust that you have rightly earned the title of manager. It is time to lead.

Here are tips that will help to engage your team members. They are all about good communication and the right attitude:

  • Listen to your direct reports to show that you value their expertise. Ask them for their ideas on how to best get the work done. If they trust that you care about their thoughts and opinions, they will more fully participate in the team effort.

  • Share your vision so the goal is clear. To inspire your team members to expend their best effort, the goal should be achievable with hard work and commitment and one that will benefit them as individuals, the team as well as the company.

  • Back them one hundred percent. Speak well of them and show your pride in their accomplishments. If they believe you have their back, they will return your loyalty.

  • Be humble. Show your humanity by admitting your mistakes when you inevitably make them and by asking for help when you need it. Such an attitude is not one of weakness but one of strength.

  • Encourage effort and excellence by recognizing and rewarding superior performance and behavior.

The Bottom Line
The best way for new managers to engage their team is to get effective leadership training and adopt the kind of attitude and behaviors that will show your team that they can trust and follow you with confidence.

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