Do You Know How to Drive Employee Engagement with Recognition?
Recognizing employees right not only makes your workforce feel good; employee recognition boosts employee engagement and boosts productivity. It’s only common sense that if workers are not appreciated for their contributions, it is unlikely that they will stay over the long term. 

The Research
Recognition matters a great deal to the recipient, but it also benefits the organization as a whole.  Our annual employee engagement survey data of over 500,000 employees from more than 8,000 organizations revealed that recognition is consistently one of the top drivers of employee engagement. 

Recognizing employees and making them feel appreciated confirms that their work is valued. When employees feel valued, their engagement, discretionary effort, intent to stay, and productivity increase.  They are motivated to do their jobs even better.  

Tips on Recognizing Employees Right
It’s critical to recognize employees, especially high performing employees, in a way that is important to them.  Here are three tips on how to design a recognition program that is meaningful, has an impact on performance, and is customized to your specific employees.

#1.  The Rule of Three
Think in terms of three levels of recognition that give you a chance to encourage all employees who are working hard.

  • Real Time Verbal Feedback
    Positive feedback is a key component to a healthy and high performing culture. Recognize employees whenever they exhibit a desired behavior.  It’s simple to point out, praise and thank them for doing a job well.

  • Informal “Spot” Recognition
    When an employee has excelled on a project or has done an extraordinary job, call them out in a meeting, mention them in a company newsletter, or send a special note of thanks.

  • Rewards for Top Performers
    Whether it’s in the form of monetary compensation, experiential gifts, or a period of time off, save this form of employee recognition for the top 5-10% of your employees. These rewards are for your employees who are truly peak performers.

#2.  Measure Recognition Effectiveness
Find a way to measure how effective your recognition program is. Take a survey or simply ask your employees if the recognition program is working from their point of view and then measure their resulting engagement levels.

#3.  Provide Opportunities for All
The more your employees trust that they, too, can become top performing employees, the more engaged they will become. Make sure that you provide all the tools, resources, and support your workers need to improve.  Show that you believe in each worker’s potential to learn new skills and behaviors.

The Bottom Line
Don’t neglect to encourage your employees’ performance with appropriate recognition.  From simple praise to substantial rewards, put a program in place that promotes increased engagement and take advantage of all the positive business outcomes that follow.  If your employees contribute to the organization’s success, do they know that they will be adequately recognized?

To learn more about how to drive employee engagement with recognition, download How to Successfully Recognize and Reward Organizational Change

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