4 Behavioral Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement

by Jan 10, 2017Employee Engagement Training

Are you looking for ways to re-energize employee engagement and the retention of top talent?

Many talent leaders are finding they need a different approach or a more innovative program that will give their employee engagement training and retention efforts new energy…a rocket booster for renewed employee commitment, advocacy and discretionary effort.

Based upon thousands of employee engagement training programs, here are four behavioral strategies that we have designed over the last two decades to increase employee engagement and retention of top talent. Find one that suits your unique situation and culture…

  1. Review and reinforce corporate values
    How long has it been since you last reviewed the corporate values with your team? You might be surprised at how far they have faded from team memory. Take this opportunity to review and clarify the critical few values that should guide your every action and decision. You may find that the team prefers to tweak the organizational value statements to more accurately reflect what they hold dear. Take the time to work together on crafting values that truly matter to your team. The focus and exercise will deepen your inter-team relationships and each individual’s commitment to the team goals.
  2. Give employees more autonomy
    Check in with your team. They might enjoy some more flexibility and independence in planning their work. If they have proven to be effective, productive, responsible employees, they have earned a chance to design their schedule to accommodate their own unique work-life balance. Though many employers fear that workers might abuse this freedom, the opposite has been shown. When you establish an outcomes-based work culture, you are likely to see greater productivity and more engaged teamwork. You will know you are headed in the right direction when employees feel they can adequately manage their work life balance, they receive help from the team when they have a heavy workload and their stress level at work is manageable.
  3. Reward and celebrate accomplishments
    Happy employees are those whose accomplishments are noticed and rewarded. A simple “thank you” can show your appreciation for the effort your team members expend for the company. However you acknowledge their hard work, whether by a personal note or one-time bonus, you let them know that their contribution is fully appreciated and key to the success of the team. You will know you are on the right track in terms of employee engagement when your employees are always thinking about ways to do their job better, believe the organization makes investments to make them more successful and know if they contribute to the organization’s success, they will be recognized.
  4. Accentuate the positive
    Start by assessing your own attitude as a leader and as a team member. Are your vibes positive or negative? Are you focused more on what the team lacks than its strengths? As a leader, try to adopt an attitude of abundance rather than one of scarcity. Focus on what is going right rather than the obstacles you face. Teams with a more positive leader tend to work harder and with more commitment to solve what needs to be solved. You don’t need to be a Pollyanna to emphasize what strengths you have so you can inspire your team and honestly address challenges with optimism.

In even the best of companies, a refresher of what matters can boost employee engagement and retention. Try one of the behavioral strategies above to re-ignite your team’s discretionary effort, commitment and advocacy.

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